Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another favorite

Dig Two Graves continues to get a great response, this time making Sabrina Ogden's 'Favorite Reads' of the year. First off, I love that she says Favorite instead of "best". How do you know what's best unless you read everything (which no one has)
Anyway, it is a great list with authors like John Horner Jacobs, Matt McBride, Josh Stallings, Chuck Wendig, Thomas Pluck, Stephen Blackmoore, Frank Bill and Anthony Neil Smith. Seriously. Wow.

I'll try not to mention the fact that Sabrina muses on whether or not I should have included a Blowjob 101 instruction manual with the book. Umm . . . I'm not qualified. Although the research would be fun.

I also had a guest post today over at the All Purpose Monkey site of Elizabeth A. White. And, in a what is surely a guest blog faux pax, I appeared at Patti Abbott's blog too.

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