Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Last Bullet

I have another story up at A Twist of Noir called The Last Bullet. It is a little different and I'm glad Christopher went for it. It is slower and more cerebral which I know can be an oxymoron in crime fiction but that's what short fiction is for - to try new things. 
I find it hard to write stuff so short (most of the online sites look for under 2000 words or some under 4000) It does force you to keep things tight and that is a good exercise in discipline. 
I'm trying to read some independently published stuff to maybe compile a list for the Film Noir myspace page. It's hard to fit it all in but I'm trying. I'm into a collection of novellas called Squid Pulp Blues and it's really different and good so far. I've honed the craft over more than 2 decades of seeking out the under-the-radar music that I love. Finding authors like that is a LOT more time consuming though. 
If anyone wants to send me stuff for free though..........

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