Thursday, October 29, 2009

The pile grows

Two things happened today. First, it was my birthday so I got books. (thank you Amazon wish list for ending my history of bad presents!) I added said books to by TBR pile and it saddened me. Then, my latest in the Hard Case Crime book club came in the mail. Could you tell I was a club member? I'm still catching up from last year's $1.00 book sale. Lo and behold in with this month's book was the flyer for this year's book club. It is genius. For only a buck each I can catch up on old Hard Case titles I missed. They wrote this year's list just for me. Literally every single book in the sale bin, all 12 of them, were ones I don't have yet. So I get to call tomorrow and say, "Send 'em all!" *sigh* When will I find the time? Who knows. But for a dollar each I don't care if I wait until I retire. And that, my friends, could be a long way off. Sure I'm a year older and crossing the threshold of being aged out of my business but I need to work for many many more years. Such is the burden of being an independent freelance employee with no 401k, no matching funds to a retirement plan, no pension, no health coverage, can I stop? I'm getting sad again.

Getting older doesn't matter to me. The growing size of that pile is starting to concern me though....

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pattinase (abbott) said...

Happy Birthday, Eric. When you're a bit older, the pile will be higher and you won't even contemplate finishing them all.