Monday, February 15, 2010

A nice mention

Author and blogger Steve Weddle gave the book a nice tip of the hat today on the excellent blog he contributes to, Do Some Damage. He even quoted a bit from one of my chapters as an example of what he liked about the book so that was humbling.
DSD is a great blog in that subgenre of writing blogs that is a collective of writers each taking a different day. DSD features Steve, Jay Stringer, John McFetridge, Dave White, Russell D. McLean, Scott D. Parker, Byron Quartermous and Joelle Charbonneau. Do take some time to check it out. Insights into writing, updates on the author's work and more come at you all week long.
It was great to be mentioned by Steve as one of his current recommendations and he put us in some very nice company indeed including McFetridge,  JT Ellison, the original Fletch novel and Gerald So's The Lineup crime poetry collection.

In other news, rejection #1 on the new novel hasn't discouraged me. At work on the sequel to One Too Many Blows and it is GREAT to be back writing with JB Kohl. Makes me wonder why I do it any other way. And I am typing away at another interesting little tidbit. The plan is to come out with a novella of around 23,000 words but I fear it is already ballooning up to novel length. I dig it so far though so if it does get bloated and fat I won't mind.

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Sheila Deeth said...

Good to know you're writing and winning. And even the undiscouraged get discouraging news.