Monday, May 17, 2010

Cast your vote

So the voting has begun for the Million Writers Award choosing the best short story published in 2009. Instructions are at the link above. You just need to send an email to the address listed and you will receive a password. Sounds like an airtight system to prevent voter fraud and I say bravo.
My wife finally read the story, Ditch (a year late but who cares) Of course after admonishing my sick imagination she pointed out a typo or two. That alone should disqualify me, I say, but if you can get past that do read the story and hopefully you'll see fit to vote. Really it is one of those stories that I like a whole lot but would love to get in and do a rewrite on if I could. Who was it that said a story is never really finished, just abandoned?
Links to all the stories are on the site and there is some good stuff there. Straight up literary, some fantasy and sci-fi, mine is really the only crime story though one has a gun (and chickens).
Voting is open until the end of May so get reading! Hope you enjoy the story and do your civic duty and cast a vote, be it for Ditch or not.

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