Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sense a pattern here?

I had just finished the penultimate chapter in the new book and I happened to glance to my right in my little office/hideaway here and was surprised by what I noticed. Well, maybe not surprised or at least I shouldn't have been. On one shelf nearly all the books were about Film Noir, crime films and gangster films. I guess I wear my passions out in the open here in the office anyway. Of course the walls are plastered with Film Noir posters so it's pretty obvious even without looking at the spines of the books on the shelves. Of course I have more than just reference books on crime films but I was just struck by the one shelf devoted to it. Just had to share. And with a detail of the office this small you can't see how dirty the rest of it is.
(click on the image for more detail if you can't read some of the titles)

Bonus points to anyone who noticed the shelf below with the complete short stories of Raymond Chandler, a collection of Cornell Woolrich, the Big Book of Pulps and a four novel compilation of Chandler novels. (and my copy of Conversations With Wilder that is signed by both Cameron Crowe and Billy Wilder)


Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

Hi! Eric,
This is a great the sense that I own almost every film noir book that you have on your bookshelf with the exception of two or maybe three books. (No, make that four books...)

Eric, the book of complete short stories by Raymond Chandler, The collection of Cornell Woolrich, and the Big Book of Pulps, and the four novel compilation of Chandler novels. (and especially, your copy of Conversations With Wilder that is signed by both Cameron Crowe and Billy Wilder) are all to "die" for or if I was a mystery writer, the title would have to be books to "kill" for.

Thanks, for sharing, your collection of great film noir and gangster titles that sit on your bookshelf.

DeeDee ;-D

Cullen Gallagher said...

Billy Wilder's autograph! Is there a story behind that?

Jake said...

I think our bookshelves are long lost brothers.

Eric Beetner said...

Cullen - Not as great of a story as I wish. A friend of mine was working at Morton's where they held a launch party for the book. She snagged one for me knowing I was a fan. He died about two months after that. The signature is definitely that of an old man, all scrawl and scraggle. It is an honor to have though. Great book too. I'm so happy that Crowe took the time to put it together.
One of my favorite quotes about editing is in there that I carry with me from job to job. Wilder said the only way to do the cutting was quickly and that they cut The Apartment in a week. I hate being run around and around the block and over working a cut, as so often happens in my job.

Jake - I look forwad to adding your book to the shelf some day.

Carrie said...

I'm eyeballin' the headstock of that Fender. ;)