Monday, June 20, 2011

We're number 2! We're number 2!

I am honored, humbled and shocked to have taken 2nd place in The Drowning Machine blog's third annual Watery Grave Invitational with my story Fingerprints.

Naomi Johnson holds this annual event with an eye to giving writers just enough fence to keep it interesting but still allow us to run free. This year's challenge was to use a horse somewhere in the story. How and in what form was up to us. Some people were literal, others more obtuse. The first thing that came to my mind was the phrase, "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on." Sorry, just how my brain works I guess.

From that nugget I imagined two guys after a bad job, one with a missing (or very nearly missing) finger. It spiraled out of control from there. I quite like the way this one turned out. I'm sure I'd rewrite certain sections again but I'm proud of it regardless.

Taking first place was the excellent Chris La Tray and in third was the always fantastic Chad Eagleton. Fourth was the wonderful British writer Ian Ayris and in a tie for fifth was Nigel Bird and Patti Abbott. Can you beat that group? Like I said - honored, humbled and shocked.

Hope you like the story and do take time to read all the winning entries.


Naomi Johnson said...

It's a terrific story, Eric, and I was honored to have you among this year's contestants.

Mark Richardson said...

Eric, I just read, "My Asshole Brother." One hell of a fine story.