Friday, January 4, 2013

Best of 2012!

Well, now I really do have to read Growing Up Dead In Texas. When more than one person puts it on the list for best of 2012 in one post you know it must be good. I keep hearing great things about The Ninth Step too. Damn. My 2013 is already starting in a reading hole.
All this to say I'm so pleased my novel The Devil Doesn't Want Me ended up on Spinetingler magazine's best of 2012 list alongside these other luminaries. There are also a few favorites of mine like Hell On Church Street which I am honored to be included beside. Nice to see pals like Travis Richardson on the list too. Lost In Clover just moved up my TBR list. At least that one is already sitting on the shelf.

In other ME, ME, ME news, my interview with Chuck Wendig went up over at Terrible Minds. Chuck is a hell of writer and gave a great interview. So check that out if you're not sick of me yet. You get to learn how I almost died. For real. 

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