Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another writing spot

I guess I guilted Keith Rawson into giving in and taking a shot of his writing space. This sooooo fits. Writing at night? But of course he does. A laptop? You can't pin him down! And books to be read right nearby. Naturally. Writing, blogging, reviewing - Rawson does it all. In the dark, too.

Okay, folks. Guilt works. Let's put the pressure on your favorite writers to show us theirs!


Keith Rawson said...

Let's not call it guilt, let's call it having too many spoons in the pot at once and completely forgetting to e-mail this to you when you asked for it. And I would have sent you the picture of my actual office, but somehow the wife manages to dominate the bat cave every night after we put our daughter to bed, so she gets the spot with the book lined walls and access to my precious Mac. Where as I'm consigned to the living room couch pecking away at the piece of shit laptop.

Eric Beetner said...

I like to think you use that bitterness in your work. Something has to explain it.