Thursday, September 10, 2009

Heating up

Submissions are rolling in. We got one all the way from the UK today. It is fascinating to see what people come up with when tasked with writing a story around a fist. Some great stuff so far.
We got a good mention on the BSC Review in Keith Rawson's new column on short fiction all over the web. It's great to have Keith doing a wrap up of noteworth stories.
I am honored to be among those chosen to submit a story for the 1st Watery Grave International contest being run by Corey Wilde over at his blog. I can only be so flattered though since the ten finalists were pulled out of a hat. Now I just need to come up with a story. I started on something the other night but I'm not sure it's prize-worthy so I'm going to keep ruminating on this one. It's is open to anything and I almost wish it had restrictions to narrow it a little. Sometimes the wide open ocean of ideas can be intimidating.
We're awaiting the proofs of the book any day now and then we'll see if we're still on track for an Oct 1 release. A pre-order page should be up soon after the proof is approved. Hopefully we can get some interviews and reviews once it is out and people have read it and hopefully like it. When I played in bands we always got the most entertainment from the bad reviews but it does bruise the ego a little bit. It is part of the risk of putting out something creative into the world. Once it is out of your hands - all is fair. I know not everyone will like it. Some may hate it. I assume the people that would hate it just won't even pick it up so I'm not too worried about getting angry hate mail. Reviewers can be fickle though. Oh well, fingers crossed!

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Sheila Deeth said...

Fingers crossed for you too.