Sunday, April 18, 2010

Needle in a minute

I had the idea of putting up the first line of each chapter of the new novel as a quick sample/teaser and I thought a great test of the idea would be the new Needle magazine that I just got.
If you don't have yours yet, take a look at the first line (or a tiny bit more if the first period doesn't do it justice) of each story in Needle. I think you'll agree the little minx teases in just the right way.
So here it is - Needle in a minute:

"So you're saying my daughter is a whore"
Kieran Shea's The Shrewd Variant

Felix couldn't say for sure how long he'd been walking.
Kent Gowran's .44 Blues

Six seconds to impact.
my story Countdown

Oscar looked exactly as he had the last time I'd seen him, except for the chunk missing from the back of his skull.
Hilary Davidson's The Black Widow Club

All the Kings horses and all the King's men, couldn't put me back together again.
Cormac Brown's Santa Barbara and the Killing's Easy

Dear God in heaven, I know I promised not to bother you again, but if you get me through this one, then I promise to keep my big trap shut from now on.
Nathan singer's On Pike Street

He had to kick out the back window to escape.
Char Rohrbacher's Another Quiet Night

The Mesa police department was the first to pull me over.
Keith Rawson's Three Cops

And I won't pretend that job description didn't cause me grief.
Patti Abbot's I am Madam X's Bodyguard

Charlotte pretended to be absorbed in her magazine.
Dave Zeltserman's 'Til Death Do You Part

"It's friggin' obvious," says Kenny. Kenny Ratface is waving his arms around like a windmill.
Paul D. Brazill's The Sharpest Tool in the Box

The puke-green room felt like a jail cell with the door swinging shut.
Sandra Seamans' Big Girls Don't Cry

She was the biggest name in entertainment.
Christopher Grant's Superdead

They spent the afternoon like every other afternoon. They did a lot of pacing.
Eric Nusbaum's Win-Win Situation

Right from the start, the papers made such a big deal of it, the whole thing was really blown way out of proportion.
Jedidiah Ayres' The Whole Buffalo

Curious aren't you? Kind of like peering into the neighbor's window and seeing handcuffs and whipped cream. You want to know more. Well step up and order your copy of Needle. They even sent out a free shipping code to use when you checkout so enter LULUMAIL305 and you get Needle even cheaper!


Steve Weddle said...

Cool idea, Eric. And thanks for being a part of this crazy idea.

Cormac Brown said...

Well done, sir, well done!

Paul D. Brazill said...

Great idea, this. Some beauts there- especially hardboiled Hilary!

Kathleen A. Ryan said...

I love this idea ~ I'm going to tweet this & put it on FB, too. I'm enjoying my copy of Needle, treating myself to a story here & there when I have time. I'm loving it!