Monday, June 28, 2010

I've been anthologized

I am late with this stuff but two of my stories appear in collections I am quite pleased with. First is Crimefactory issue #3.5 and this is, quite possibly, the finest collection I have been a part of. That Needle magazine is awfully damn good though...let's call it a tie.
Seriously, there are some great stories by some great writers in this all-fiction issue. NEW FICTION BY:

I mean, that's a great lineup! Sophie is the hottest novelist going right now and Jake, Jason, Cullen and Naomi are proven talents that do not disappoint. (Duke's story is called  Guns, Drugs and Shitload of Blood which is truth in advertising) I feel like Jake Hinkson and I have similar styles or at the very least whenever I read his stuff I wish I wrote it. Robert Crisman is great, Jay Stringer is one of the Do Some Damage guys so you know he's got the goods and Jonathan Woods has a stellar short story collection out now from New Pulp Press. The others were new to me but there is not a bum story in the bunch. 
I applaud the always stellar layout and design of Crimefactory particularly because my story was a bitch to format since it is half prose and half screenplay. Yep, a little weird but just go with me. 
Aw hell, just go read it. It's free.

I also got my copies today of Murder In The Wind from Second Wind publishing. My story Without a Body There is no Crime bats cleanup in this anthology from nearly all of the Second Wind authors as well as contest winner Sheila Deeth who joins the party and is a welcome addition. It is an eclectic anthology that even includes some mystery contributions from some of SW's Romance authors. There is something in there for everyone. Easy ordering is available on the right with the direct link to Amazon

This one has been a long time coming so it's great to see it in print. And don't forget about the companion Mystery In The Wind. They got so many submissions for the contest to be included in they decided to go with a two volume set. 

That's the update for now. Word will come soon on the plans for a hard copy of Harbinger *33 which promises to be another wild and weird anthology with some great stories of all stripes in it.


Cormac Brown said...

Way to go, Eric!

Who Is Afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? said...

Hi! Eric,
Congratulation! and Thanks, for sharing the links too.
DeeDee ;-D