Thursday, December 1, 2011

Start digging

Today my novella Dig Two Graves hit the digital world courtesy of Snubnose Press. I'm proud and honored to have them on my side as this book makes its way in the world. We didn't do a special thanks page but if I had it would have thanked:

 Jennifer Busskohl for early reading and not being shocked.
Brian Lindenmuth for taking it on and giving great notes. Yes, I even changed the ending for him.
To Sean Doolittle and Scott Phillips for giving great blurbs that humble me.
And to Sean Doolittle again for giving some 11th hour notes that made the book that much better. Thanks for not holding your tongue.

Thanks also to everyone who helped spread the word today. I'll try not to be too obnoxious with the self-promo but if anyone is going to know about this book I need to start the ball rolling. Hopefully others keep it moving downhill from there.

And Off The Record continues out there with every sale providing money to children's reading charities. Don't be a tightwad. What, you don't want kids to read? If they don't start now, who is going to buy my books about prison blowjobs when they grow up? Come on! (the new 5-star Amazon review singles out my story, California Dreamin' as "fabulous")

As a bonus, Keith Rawson has foolishly offered to give away a copy of him amazing short story collection, The Chaos We Know (also from Snubnose) with proof of purchase for Dig Two Graves. Take the fool for all he's worth! And damn, that collection is worth it.

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