Monday, March 19, 2012

Cover artist

I haven't really talked about my new position as Art Director for Snubnose Press mostly because it would involve uploading a lot of images and I'm too busy writing. (Don't believe me? I just finished A Mouth Full of Blood 1st draft and submitted my story for Pulp Ink 2 for consideration. See? I'm working)

Now, the good folks at Snubnose (in other words - Brian) have uploaded a Pinterest board of the range of Snubnose covers. Included are mine as well as the covers of original artists Boden Steiner, Ben Springer and John Horner Jacobs. The real fun is that Brian did what I kept meaning to do here on the ol blog, which is to put up alternate covers and unused versions of things that evolved or changed completely. I have a few more in my archives that I'll put up here, I guess starting now.

Below is the first draft of the cover of what would become Dig Two Graves. I still like this design, but obviously the name changed so this was out. Then below that was my minimal Saul Bass-esque take on Dig Two Graves, which again, I still have fond feelings for. Love to know what people think. I keep flexing my muscles with cover design and I feel like I'm getting the hang of it, knowing what works, what doesn't.

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