Monday, March 12, 2012

Free Fightcard!

For the rest of March we at the Fightcard team are giving away books! That's right, if you order either of the first two Fightcard entries, Felony Fists by Paul Bishop or The Cutman by Mel Odomyou get the other one free! Buy one, then mail your receipt to and you'll get a Kindle file by return mail. What a great way to get into the series with two excellent books for 2.99!
As a bonus you also get the first issue of Fight Fictioneers, the Fightcard and sports pulps round up.

And since we're talking Fightcard, I figure this is a good opportunity to debut the cover for my new entry, A Mouth Full of Blood. Can you believe I got away with that title?
It's a sequel to Split Decision and I'm almost done writing it. I really put Jimmy through the paces this time. There are back alley brawls, a missing girl, some unregulated fights, an innocent boy and some very guilty men. Look for it later this summer.

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