Monday, June 11, 2012

Collecting shorts

So I've signed contracts for my first short story collection, A Bouquet of Bullets. It will be out with Snubnose Press some time in July. It features 21 short stories of mine from flash pieces under 1000 words on up to 7000 words beasts.

Honestly, some of my best stories aren't in there, but I didn't want to take anything away from the fantastic anthologies featured on your right. I've been so honored to appear in a host of anthologies I am truly proud of and I think you should go get them regardless of my stories. There is some amazing writing going on in each of D*cked, Discount Noir, Grimm Tales, Off The Record and Pulp Ink as well as the upcoming Pulp Ink 2.

That said, some of my best work is inside and it has been pre-screened by an expert reader so only the finest selections made the grade. So if you like to have all your stories of mine in one place, wait a month and then go get A Bouquet of Bullets. (Cover by some poor sap)

And also don't forget all Snubnose titles, including Dig Two Graves, are only .99 for the rest of June.

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