Monday, September 17, 2012

New Book Announcement

So as soon as the news broke last week I got hit with a horrible illness that had me laid up for five days of nastiness. But now that I'm bipedal again, I'm so very proud to formally say here that my new novel, The Devil Doesn't Want Me, will be out Oct. 23rd as an ebook original from Dutton's Guilt Edged Mysteries.

Here's the official description:

A hit-man with a crisis of conscience faces his biggest challenge yet: protecting an innocent victim against deadly forces during a desperate run for the coast in Eric Beetner's thrilling novel.

For the last seventeen years, Lars has been on a job for a prominent east coast crime
family. His task: kill Mitch the Snitch. Mitch is living in witness protection and has
eluded Lars for almost two decades. But changes are afoot in the family back east, and a
young gun named Trent has been sent to replace the aging gun for hire.

With his old boss gone, Lars realizes he has lost the desire to kill his long-time target. When things come to a head with Trent, Lars must go on the run with Mitch's teenage daughter Shaine, trying to stay one step ahead of angry and vengeful mobsters as well as his own dark past. 

With Trent, FBI agents and even more hired muscle on their trail, Lars and his new sidekick must
stay one step ahead of their pursuers by any means necessary, creating a cross country
trail of wreckage and mayhem from Albuquerque to L.A.

It is exciting to have the release so quickly and also to be out on the Guilt Edged imprint. If you don't know, Guilt Edged was an imprint of Dutton from 1947-1956 for their more hardboiled detective and crime fiction. They were the original publishers of Mickey Spillane in hardback as well as Fredric Brown and his novels like The Fabulous Clipjoint and Lionel White and his novel Clean Break (the basis for the Kubrick film The Killing)

This will be my seventh published book (not counting anthologies) and that blows my mind. Almost as weird is that it will be my first full-length novel written solo. I really look forward to getting it out there and hearing what people think.

Pre-orders are available now. Oh, and it'll only be $3.99 which is a hell of a deal. 


Erik Arneson said...

Eric, congratulations! Looks like a killer book and I've pre-ordered. Can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

Late coming to this, I know. But congrats. That looks like a cool outfit there. Good luck.