Friday, October 26, 2012


My new novel, The Devil Doesn't Want Me, was released this week. This ebook original is out from Dutton's Guilt Edged Mysteries and it already getting some good press. The first review is always the most nerve-wracking, but this take on it over at Criminal Element really made my day.

Some highlights (just because I like reading them again, hey I'm human) 
" I loved Lars and this book. This book is like if you took Lawrence Block’s famous hitman, Keller, and made him the lovechild of Elmore Leonard and Quentin Tarantino. But what really sold it for me was Beetner’s writing."

I also felt great when Brian from Spinetingler magazine posted this on Facebook:  "Finished The Devil Doesn't Want Me by Eric Beetner. Simply put, I think that Beetner has what it takes to be a huge crime writer. Hell of a crime novel and highly recommended."

Let's hope I can keep rolling on like this and that people continue to find the book. If you feel like dropping an Amazon review, or even just hitting that ol' LIKE button, it does help out an author. I've been excited to see the last few Amazon emails go out featuring Snubnose Press titles and that's all about what I like and what other people are liking. So if they are sending me tips on books they think I'd like and, in fact I do, then maybe my books will make it into someone else's email. You never know.

Being on Guilt Edged has awoken the collector in me, and since I owed myself a present on release day I went and bought my self a Guilt Edged original from 1955. Then, since it's my birthday soon, I took the check from Grandma and bought three more. I'll soon run out of titles I can get for a reasonable price, but someday I hope to have them all.

I'll be doing some interviews around and about, some guest blog posts and I even recorded a podcast which will be up in a couple weeks.

I need to thank everyone who helped make this happen (and happen so fast after a long time shilling the book to publishers) David Hale Smith, who never lost faith. My editor Jessica who was great to work with and then jumped in to save my ass from a rogue typo at the eleventh hour.

And all the other authors who have helped me out and become such good friends. I had the pleasure of having both Greg Bardsley and Owen Laukkanen stay at my house last weekend for their readings at Noir at the Bar and two nicer fellas you will never meet. It only reinforces that crime writers are the nicest folks. 

More on that visit soon, hopefully. But until then, I'm about 45K words into a new novel and it's getting crazier as it goes along. Could be a fun one.