Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good Week

So much good news and I've been so lazy about posting, but now at least I have some substance to write about.  First off, less than a week until the release of The Devil Doesn't Want Me. Couldn't be more excited about that. I have some interviews coming up, a podcast, some more fun stuff too.

And it's been a big week in anthology news. I found out my flash fiction story Break In, featured at A Twist of Noir's 600-700, challenge has been selected for an anthology edited by Mr. Otto Penzler himself. I know the competition for this was intense because of the sheer number of possible entries.

Then, to add to the thrill I found out I made the cut for Atomic Noir, the collection of only 4 short stories organized by Out Of The Gutter for the upcoming NoirCon in Philadelphia. My story, The Neon Come-On was picked and I'm so happy to be included. A copy of the book will go to all the attendees of NoirCon and all the fabulous attending authors. Wish I could be there.

So many others have posted great accounts of Bouchercon so I won't go on about it. Safe to say I had a blast and it was great reconnecting with people I only see once a year and getting to meet some new folks too. Big congrats to Duane Swierczynski for winning a Shamus award and to John Rector for reaching 100,000 in sales for Almost Gone, a great book that deserves every bit of it.

Now I'm off to prepare for this weekend's Noir At The Bar event here in L.A. It's going to be a great one with several out of town guests like Johnny Shaw, Owen Laukkanen, Chuck Wendig and Greg Bardsley. Then there is local gal Katherine Tomlinson and little ol' me with my first public reading of The Devil Doesn't Want Me. I'm lucky enough to have Greg and Owen staying at my house (part of the lure to get them down here was my wife's cookies) Time to prep the guest room and prepare my reading. 

And in case anyone is listening, if you wanted to get your copy of The Devil Doesn't Want Me on tuesday and have an opening day spike in sales that drove the book up the charts, well, that's fine by me. Just saying.

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Greg Bardsley said...

Dude, the Otto Penzler news is fantastic. ... not to mention the release of THE DEVIL DOESN'T WANT ME .... Looking forward to Noir at the Bar L.A. ....