Sunday, July 14, 2013

Books and Booze . . . and hot chocolate

I was honored to be featured on the always entertaining Books and Booze podcast this week. Renee, Jessica and Dakota are wonderful hosts and they didn't even make fun of me much for not partaking in the whole booze part of the show.

Just because I can't listen to my own voice without cringing and wishing I hadn't said half of what I said, doesn't mean you can't listen and enjoy!

This weekend is another Noir at the Bar here in L.A. and we're really excited to have authors Sara Gran, Tim Hallinan, Lisa Brackmann, Steph Cha, Anonymous-9 and Stephen Buehler reading for us. Come on down this Sunday!

It's also almost time for Schlock Zone to launch! The brainchild of Mel Odom, this collection of B-movie novellas is going to be a blast. I know I had such fun writing mine, Stripper Pole At The End of the World. Only a few days to launch. You're going to love these over-the-top, pulpy, retro schlock stories from a host of great writers. 

And just a reminder that I still have copies of the limited edition print version of Criminal Economics available directly from me for the low price of only $10 (plus $3 shipping)