Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dim the lights, it's time for the Schlock Zone Drive-In

The Schlock Zone Drive-In is open for business. The brainchild of Mel Odom, writer and editor extraordinaire, these short novellas are all B-movie creature feature fun.

The series has launched with a double feature including WORMS by J.E. Mooney. 

"In the backwoods of Kentucky, danger crawls up from the earth, twisting its way through the saw grass and around the spreading roots of the coffee trees, hiding in the mist that clings to the lakeshore . . . waiting. 

WORMS . . . they’re fishing for trouble."

Yeah, definitely the kind of movie I would have watched when I was in high school, and the kind of fun, fast read I will enjoy today.

My entry is the ridiculously titled Stripper Pole At The End of The World. It's 89 digital pages of mayhem. The plot? It goes a little something like this:

In the near future, after The Collapse, work is hard to come by. The economy is in ruins, much like the city crumbling around Janet, a woman who has lost everything – her husband, her job . . . her leg.
When the lure of a job brings her out on the increasingly dangerous streets she must confront the deadliest of new fears – the bands of cannibals who roam the city.
With a ragtag group of bikers, strippers and survivors Janet must face down the most dangerous night of their lives. When dawn comes, not everyone will live to see a new day and dance at the Stripper Pole At The End Of The World.

Yeah, these books are fun, fun, fun. Coming soon is Night of the Chupacabras by Kyle Bergersen and American Slayers by Sean Dalton. After that, it's more midnight movie madness coming each week.

I'll have a print version of the book soon. Until then, download away and enjoy this sordid and sleazy tale that was a hell of a lot of fun to write.

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