Tuesday, September 17, 2013

That time again

Yep, I get to go be social. Weird, I know, but the annual conference of crime writers and readers, Bouchercon is a place where I actually feel relatively comfortable being in crowds of people. These are my people, of course. Writers and readers. Crime fiction aficionados.

There are a few panels I'm really excited about. As is always the way, one of them is scheduled directly opposite a panel I'm on. I do not envy the panel planners at all. Kudos to them for making it happen and to everyone who plans this huge event.

But you really want to know where you can find me, right? No? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

Thursday at  4:00 in room 1 I'll be moderating a panel on Film Noir and check out this lineup of panelists: Scott Adlerberg, Johnn Billheimer, Paul D. marks, David Rich and Wallace Stroby. Well be discussing classic Noirs, neo Noirs, noir's literary roots. Come on by and geek out on the noir.

Friday I'm honored to be a guest on a panel about Hard Boiled and Noir fiction featuring: Mike Denis, Dana King, Terrence McCauley and Jonathan Woods and moderated by none other than the father of Noir at the Bar Peter Rozovsky. That's in room 2 at 10:20.

Then on Saturday I'll be hosting one of the Authors Vhoice panels in room 5 and it was my choice to host a giveaway and short reading session with a whole lot of great writers. A whole lot. Too many, really. But if yu show up, we will be giving away free books and hopefully you can hear a great author who is new to you and you'll become a lifelong fan. That's the idea anyway.

I still don't know who, if anyone, will be carrying my books for sale. You  may have to just approach me and get one directly. Kinda better that way, huh? I know that's the only way I'll have a few copies of Criminal Economics available. The limited editon series stops at 100 so get one now.

So what do you say? See you there?


David Cranmer said...

Yeah, I can't imagine the headache of scheduling one panel against another.

Peter Rozovsky said...

You made a fine panel guest, and your Noir at the Bar style author's choice session turned into one of this Bouchercon's highlights for me. I hope such sessions will be repeated a future conventions.
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Peter Rozovsky said...

And I was disappointed that your Thursday panel went up against mine. I'd have loved to attend, and the guy who has recorded panels and sold the result on CD and MP3 wasn't there this year.