Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Janet Rudolph was kind enough to invite JB and I over to her blog Mystery Fanfare which is a great and very informative blog about all things mystery. She has been running a series called Partners In Crime about co-authors so naturally we fit the bill. It is worth it go back through the archives to read all the partners in crime posts. Very interesting stuff. Thanks for having us Janet!

Word is out that Pulp Pusher is no more. Too bad. It was a great site for crime fiction. That jack of all trades/man with no spare time Keith Rawson has graciously stepped up and offered a home to all the orphaned stories in the archives of Crimefactory so mine and all the others won't be lost to the digital black hole. That is good news because the story, My First Crime, was one of my favorite stories. I'm glad it won't be gone forever.

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Ténèbres à la lumière... said...

Once again, I want to thank-you, for the links.

(Eric, I'am not a writer, as you well know, but a reader and promoter of Dark, Noirish,and Crime ridden books and authors.)

Therefore, I must admit that I sometimes feel like a fish out of water in yours and other mystery writers...intriguing dark (Fish Bowl) world.

DeeDee ;-D