Monday, March 15, 2010

Report from the Left Coast final thoughts

My favorite moment from Left Coast Crime was when Bobby from the Mystery Bookstore saw me in the book room and said, "Oh, Eric, I need you to sign a book. It's going to Italy." Apparently a regular customer was sending some books to her brother and wanted recommendations and my book was one they chose to suggest. It is so amazing to truly be "hand sold" by a bookseller who believes in your book. We have zero push from any outside source other than our own tenacity and when it pays off that is pretty darn cool.

My other favorite moment was seeing my new friend Rebecca Cantrell win the Bruce Alexander memorial award for historical mystery. Rebecca and I shared a panel and she was very kind to spend time with me all weekend and help navigate my first convention. She and Kelli Stanley even let me sit with them during the awards banquet so I whipped out the old Flip camera and was there for her winning moment. I wish I'd taped more throughout the weekend but I was glad to get her moment on camera so she will have it. Now her family back in Hawaii can see it.

Another good thing was being invited to the Men of Mystery day coming up in October. I was honored to be invited and I will get my paperwork in right away so I don't lose my spot. More on that as it gets closer.

A Trace of Smoke wins at Left Coast Crime 2010 from Eric Beetner on Vimeo.

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Rebecca Cantrell said...

Thanks again for filming that, Eric! It was great to be able to share it with various friends and family.

I think my husband will probably play that bit of me speechless over and over again, just to remind himself that it's possible. :)