Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another rave for the Grave

It's always nice to get a genuine review from someone with no vested interest in me or my book.  Benoit Lelievre is someone I "know" only tangentially through blog/crime fiction online circles. Everything I know about him is positive, but as you can see from his initial reaction to picking up Dig Two Graves, he has no dog in this fight. So when he says kind things like, "I can't find any reasons not to read DIG TWO GRAVES." Well, that will make your day, won't it?

Read the rest here. And then, for pity's sake - go read the book!

P.S. My good pal and all around nice guy Greg Bardsley has unveiled the cover for his upcoming debut novel Cash Out and holy crapola, is it cool as hell. Go make friends with the man on Facebook and sneak a peek at one of my favorite covers in a long damn time. That includes the stuff I'm designing. 

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