Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Busy times

I just moved so I haven't been around much so allow me to catch up.

The kind editors over at Thrillers, Killers n Chillers have saved a lost story of mine from the cobwebs. Mexican Souvenirs was written for an anthology that never happened, but now it lives again.

I was also kindly interviewed over at Julie Morrigan's website. She had some great questions so check that out.

Holly West also asked a question out there to writer types and I weighed in here.

I really should post more about the Noir at the Bar readings we do. Let me just say the last one was possibly our best yet with readings from Stephen Blackmoore (whose City of the Lost was a wonderful surprise and one of the best reads in a while) Bob Ward who definitely sold me a book that night with his great reading. Aaron Clark who won over some new converts to The Science of Paul, Aj hayes who never disappoints and Travis Richardson who started us off right.

March 25th will feature none other than Hilary Davidson reading from her new one The Next One To Fall, Johnny Shaw reading from Dove Season, Gar Anthony Haywood reading from Assume Nothing which I am almost done with and I friggin love it. Maybe better than Cemetery Road? Gary Phillips will be reading whatever he damn well wants and maybe even one more reader. Hot stuff. I'm impressed with my own organizing skills.

I officially started a new novel. I wasn't sure which of several ideas to write so I just sucked it up and started one. Not sure if my fickle nature will pull me away to another idea before I am done. I need to buckle down and start hitting the keys again though. Speaking of . . . good night.

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