Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From the Factory floor

Crime Factory - that fresh Spinetingler-winning publication - is out with a new issue. It is, once again, a behemoth.

How did they become the award-winning juggernaut they are? Well, in addition to having people like, oh say me, blog on their website, they have insightful articles, great fiction and prescient reviews. How prescient? Well, they said in the new issue, a few things about Dig Two Graves. Things like:

"It’s joyfully wrong and wonderfully sick. It pulls no punches, tosses taboo aside and focuses on a dark, violent, action filled, and sometimes funny tale."

They also said:
"It’s a wild ride, filled with humour, emotion and bad choices."

See what I mean? Obviously these are folks at the top of their game, taste-wise. They know how to keep it short and pithy too.
"Great read. Pick it up and enjoy the bloody ride."

Who am I to argue with award-winners?

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