Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm Underrated! Yeah! (I think)

It's not news to me that I fall into the category of underrated, but now I have proof. The Pop Culture Nerd is doing her annual Stalker Awards again, some of the most fun and irreverent awards out there. My name mysteriously appeared in the "Most Criminally Underrated Authors" category alongside Bill Cameron and Craig McDonald.

There are some great categories in the Stalker Awards, and they change every year. Things like Best Sidekick, Best Dialogue, Character you'd most like as a friend. Some great books to choose from too. I was thrilled to see the opener from Gar Anthony Haywood's Assume Nothing in the running for best opening line. (Heck, I nominated it and I guess some other people did too)

So get over there and vote. Bill and Craig are surely more criminally underrated than I am so vote for whoever you want. And if I don't take the prize of being voted most underrated, then I remain underrated and therefore can lay claim to the title even more than the winner. Come to think of it, doesn't winning a category like this immediately disqualify you from the category itself? Damn, that's some serious Inception shit right there.

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Pop Culture Nerd said...


You crack me up. Managing to turn this into INCEPTION? Brilliant.

Gar's line is badass. I haven't read the book (don't shoot) but now really want to because I'm a sucker for killer opening sentences. Why is there blood in the goldfish bowl? I must know!

Congrats on the nom. Crime readers are smart people.