Friday, May 11, 2012

House cleaning

It's been a week of clearing off the to-do list. I'm trying to clear the decks to get back down to work on a new novel. I finished edits on A Mouth Full Of Blood, my next entry in the Fightcard series and a sequel to Split Decision. I hate to say I enjoy reading my own stuff, but going back through that made me feel good because I know it's solid work. The whole Fightcard series has been so much fun, both to write and to read all the novellas. Also got back edits on my story for Pulp Ink 2. I can't wait for that collection. It's going to be wild. I've actually had time to write a few short stories and make some submissions. I have an outline for what I want to submit for a new anthology. Hope I can make the cut on that one. I have new entry in The Revival House over at Criminal Element. This time I spotlight that other Twilight. The one with Paul Newman. So check that out. And that is entirely enough talking about me. Now go read this great article over at LitReactor by Keith Rawson.

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