Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Bouquet Of Bullets for you

My first collection of short stories, A Bouquet Of Bullets, is out now! It contains some of my best stories, some award winners, some never before published.

I hope you check it out. I hope you tell someone else to check it out. I hope you write nice things about it on the internet, your diary, the bathroom wall. I hope you check out the other Snubnose Press releases. I have a lot of hope for you.

A big thank you is due to Lauren O'Brien who not only shoved my ass off the couch to get this complied, but also served as my advanced reader and kept you protected from the stories that were deemed not quite worthy. There are 22 stories in here and she read more than twice that, so thank her for taking the bullet for you.

And a big thank you to Brian at Snubnose Press for his continued support of my work and for leading the charge for Snubnose Press to become a champion of writers everywhere. 


Anonymous said...

Why are many of your books only available online. I, like many others, prefer to read paper books. Peter

Eric Beetner said...

Peter - All of my books except for The Devil Doesn't Want Me and White Hot Pistol are available in print as well as ebook. Believe me, nobody wants to have my books more widely available than me. It's the curse of working with cool indie publishers.
But the more people who buy the books, the more the big publishers will take notice and I can get the big break.