Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Busy Hamster

Now and again I need to remind myself that my idea of being busy isn't always the same as other people's. I've had several friends and coworkers seem genuinely confused that I find time to get things done like write books. These days I remind people that I don't have band practice twice a week any more and the usual response is, "Yes, but you have two kids." Touche.

In our recent interview with Jed Ayres at the Ransom Notes blog my co-author Jennifer even said, "He has more energy than a thousand hamsters on a thousand wheels."

So when I've been taking time to actually enjoy a week off from day-job work and any writing work last week I felt like a slacker. Then to come back to this three-day weekend made me feel even worse.
Tonight though, I wrote chapter 1 of the new book with Jennifer. Step one on a very long road but I am grateful to once again be making the trip with my travel partner.

I also took a little time to poke around the web and found this REVIEW by the wonderful Elizabeth White, or as she calls herself the All Purpose Monkey. She likes Borrowed Trouble and that makes me happy. She is a voice I trust since she likes a lot of the same things I like. And now I can quote lines like, "the story virtually leaps of the page with vivid details."

Also did my requisite reading of The Rap Sheet and linked through to Cullen Gallagher's always entertaining Pulp Serenade for his list of 50 great Gold Medal book titles to find that he gave a shout-out to my piece for Mulholland Books site. Did I mention that here, even? Can't recall. Either way Cullen's list makes certain my eBay watch list will grow a bit longer. Since having kids I have curtailed my Film Noir poster collecting but hunting down cheap pulp titles is truly my kind of sport. I set low price cutoffs for myself and still have managed to find some real gems. Even the crappy books look great on the shelf.

Also this week issue #6 of Crimefactory was welcomed into the world. It features a TON of stuff (200 pages worth!) including my story My Asshole Brother which is not new but finds a wonderful home at the factory. Soon to be in print!

Our Summer Sale on Kindle versions of the books is coming on June 1st and as soon as I have confirmation that the price is adjusted I hope people will help spread the word. 

Now I have a story due on the 5th I need to write. A novella to put up on Kindle. A solo novel to finish outlining. A call due to my agent. Revisions on a completed manuscript. Yeah, it's a slow week.

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