Friday, May 27, 2011

Why I love pulp fiction

And here's why I love reading vintage pulp fiction on my lunch break:

"The house had once been imposing. Now it was a shabby house surrounded by a shabby yard in a beggarly section of town. Grimy warehouses and factories had pushed up around it like weeds, leaving a tragic relic, pathetic as a bridal gown in a garbage can.
A board walk led to a sagging porch, where the door gaped open like a dead man's jaws. I rapped on the doorsill and peered into a dim room from which issued the bad breath of decay."
The Kiss-Off, Douglas Heyes, 1951

Another great book found through Friday's Forgotten Books (courtesy of Bill Crider who seems to have read everything). If you aren't checking out the weekly posts, you're really missing out. You'll never be short of what to read again.


Who Is Afraid Of Miss Lovett? No, Mrs.Lovett... said...

Hi! Eric Beetner...
What a tough-as-nail and very vivid excerpt from the book "The Kiss-Off" I'm unfamiliar with this book...However, I would read it in a "heart-beat" that is if I ever get my hands on a copy.

Speaking Of, heartbeat and Crider, some Of the news coming-up on Criders' feed cause me many sleepless nights.

It's the real-life news feeds stories that appears on my dash-board that causes me some "sleepless" nights..."scary stuff!")

Over there on my FNN I take a look at pulp fiction book covers...You can't convince me that PULP FICTION and Noir aren't related.]

Thanks, for sharing!
DeeDee ;-D

Bill Crider said...

Always glad to see that someone else likes one of those "forgotten books."

Nook on Sale said...

I also love these type of books. Haven't read The Kiss-Off, but it sounds great. I've been pleasantly surprised to find some of these at flea markets.