Wednesday, May 25, 2011

summer sale a-coming!

I've been out of town for a whole week. That's five plane trips so far this year, which is unusual for me and I must say I'm over it.
But, back home and back at it. We did a great little interview with Jed Ayres over at the Barnes & Noble site on his great mystery blog Ransom Notes. Jed does the best interviews. Fun, quirky questions. Check it out.

The big news is that Second Wind has graciously agreed to let us run a sale on the Kindle edition of both books for June. From June 1 to June 21 One Too Many Blows To The Head and Borrowed Trouble will both be only .99! Three weeks of ultra cheap ebooks!
And that's after Amazon dropped the price to $4.99 to stay inline with the Nook and iBooks price. It essentially means we are forfeiting all profits for that period but that's okay if we get people to sample the books and tell a friend. Word is a few other Second Wind authors may get in on the fun and people can sample a slew of SW books.

Not that anyone reads this blog but if anyone does and y'all want a free ebook in exchange for a review of said book, let me know. If .99 is just too steep for you (or someone you know) let me know and all we ask in return is that you write up a review and post it where other people can see it. If you like it, that is. If you hate the books, keep it to yourself. Unless you hate them so much you feel the world must know to stay away. That would just be funny.

I've been reading some great books lately too. I need to do a wrap-up of those. Some great old-timey pulps. Read my first Gil Brewer and felt like an idiot I hadn't gotten to him sooner. Just got a few in the mail today including Fast One by Paul Cain, an mysterious and enigmatic pulp writer from the 1930s
and I have the first two Mike Hammer novels in vintage paperbacks so I can get off my ass and read some vintage Spillane.

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