Monday, May 16, 2011

May already?

So Blogger was down for a while. It was the talk of the web for a day or two. I wouldn't have known of course since I'm so slacker-y about posting.
But now here I am with actual content to post. First, I submitted my story for the upcoming Pulp Ink anthology which is going to be a phenomenal collection. Out later this summer. Really looking forward to reading what the others come up with for that one.
Getting closer to the release of the Grimm Tales anthology as well. Some great stories in that as well. And to round out a summer of anthologies, I've seen the proof copy of D*cked and, dang I'm proud to be in that one as well. My piece plays as more of a trifle but people really ran with the concept on that one (All stories centered around Dick Cheney).

Tony Black has brought Pulp Pusher back from the dead. His excellent e-zine was a real loss when he shuttered it last year but now he's back and he's begun posting archived stories which means my story My First Crime has a home again. So excited because I always liked that one and I love being published by Pulp Pusher.

The next step has been taken in bringing out my first direct-to-ebook thingy, a novella called KNUCKLES. Watch this space for details to come on that one. A summer release, not sure when though.

Jen and I have started on a new collaboration and so far so good. It's a new one, not Ray and Dean again.

And of course I'm still waiting to hear anything on the manuscripts flouting out there in the world. My mantra has become Stay Patient. I am not good at it.

Lastly it looks like the publisher is going to go for my crazy idea to drop the price of the Kindle editions of One Too Many Blows To The Head and Borrowed Trouble to .99 for the month of June or at least most of it. Not sure why I would work to stage a sale that means we forfeit all royalties but I just want people to read the books. Forward thinking of me or shortsighted and dumb? Remains to be seen.

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Who Is Afraid Of Miss Lovett? No, Mrs.Lovett... said...

Hello! Eric Beetner...
What a very interesting itinerary...with a lot a new and exciting things to look forward to in the weeks, months, and [even] days ahead.
DeeDee ;-)