Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've gone international

I have a new story up at Pulp Pusher, a great site out of the UK run by author Tony Black. It is my first attempt at a female narrator. I ran it by one female who I trust and she said it all rang true so that's a good sign. I'm working two jobs right now so very little time to write and what time I did have I needed to finish several articles for the Film Noir Foundation.
One of the shows I'm working on is really great. Don't be scared by the fact that it's on MTV. You can see a trailer for it here. Yes it's a "reality" show but it really is good and dark and action-y and the episode I'm cutting right now is about mobsters and there are guns, dead cops, snipers and crooked cops. Sounds like my kind of show.
Enjoy the new story. I sent the book out to another publisher so fingers crossed on that. Also waiting for March to be over so they will announce the winner of the Twist Of Noir contest.