Monday, October 3, 2011

Yikes. Been a while.

The trouble with having multiple places on the web to say things, share things and write things is that my own site gets neglected. Its hard enough for me to talk about myself at all so I tend not to do it in more than one place at a time.
But I do have more and more stuff out there.

First, I'm blogging officially for Criminal Element.

So all the lost posts that would go here have gone there where way more people will see them. I've done pieces on Breaking Bad, Mickey Spillane, Tom Waits and even my Boucheron recap. Swing by and leave a comment. I love comments.
I have a new story up at The Flash Fiction Offensive. It's been a while since I've had a short story out there so I'm grateful to David for accepting this one. I quite like the way it turned out.
I just turned in another story for a new anthology. That will be out later this year. Grimm Tales is still coming soon and until then John Kenyon can tide you over with his all-new Grift magazine.

D*cked is out, Pulp Ink is still going strong. Dig Two Graves is coming soon. Sheesh. Sick of me yet?
The Crime Factory:  The First Shift anthology is stellar. And hey, I'm not in it. Read without risk of overexposure. Seriously though, some great, great stuff inside.

And this coming Sunday October 9th is the second Noir at the Bar L.A. featuring Pamila Payne, Jimmy Callaway, Matthew C. Funk, Lisa Brackmann and Christ Faust! What a lineup.
So come one, come all and bring a friend.