Sunday, April 14, 2013

Coming soon . . .

Well, okay, not as much as I'd like coming soon, but still. I always promise myself I won't use this blog to complain because my writer's life is completely average in terms of the rejection to adulation scale. Which is to say, it leans heavier toward rejection. So far 2013 has been a real kick in the shins.

So, what's a guy to do? Well, be the writer I want to be. I've never aspired to be a great American novelist, or even a highly respected wordsmith. I want to be a pulp hack. I want to be like Day Keene, Chester Himes, William Ard. Churn them out. Write to be read. Most of all, just keep typing.

With that in mind, I took on a novella project at the request of a friend and I just handed in my draft to the editor. It's called Stripper Pole At The End Of The World. Yeah, it's a little odd, a little tongue in cheek. And yeah, it has cannibals. 

The whole project is still working its way into the world, but should be here by summer. The other novellas in this thing all sound amazingly pulpy, silly and fun. Like a double bill horror show at the drive in. Gonna be good.

Also, I decided to do one of those, "Because I can" things. Normally this takes the form of eating ice cream at midnight because I'm a damn grown up and I can, so why not? This time I took one of my older unsold novels, Criminal Economics, a book I like a lot and so did the Nerd Of Noir, but I have very low hopes of it ever being a huge hit book. While I'm waiting to see what the next step in my writing career will be, I'm going to do a limited run of 100 copies of the book, each one hand signed and numbered. Like a collectors edition no one asked for.

Again, why not?

Someday they might be worth something. And if anyone really wants to read my work, they can. Better than it being all alone on my hard drive. It also doesn't spoil the well if I can ever a) sell it as a package deal with another novel, or b) decide what to do with more than 100 copies. 

Who the hell knows? Not me. But either way, I'll soon have exclusive copies to dole out or sell to the dedicated few who really want them. For real, it's a good book. I should mention it includes the most disgusting thing I've ever written. Seriously. It's nasty.

Also, a while ago - and this will tell you how long this book has been waiting around to slip between two covers - I did a post here on the blog with the first line from each chapter. Check it out here. It's a fun little glimpse into the book.