Thursday, August 15, 2013


Well, let's see how many searches that blog title ends up in. Looks like I'm in for some very disappointed web traffic soon!

Here's the deal: my Schlock Zone Drive-In novella, Stripper Pole At The End Of The World, is available now as a paperback (and still as an ebook). I order up a few copies for myself to have and to hold, and lo and behold the box came in all funked up and some of the books were damaged. Not terribly badly, but not so's you'd feel good about selling them to someone. I believe in a quality product and I love the book inside so I only want to put my best foot forward. However . . . 

If anyone is familiar with the story of the book, it's kind of appropriate for them to be a little damaged. The narrator, Janet, is one of the damaged girls who dance in a club. She is missing half a leg, most of an arm and has a metal plate in her head. The other girls are a mix of missing body parts and burns. "Gimps" in the lingo of the book. So, with that in mind, I think it's perfectly fine if these books make it out into the world. Still, the whole paying for it thing seems a little cruel of me. So I'm giving them away!

I have FIVE COPIES of the book, which I will sign whether you want me to or not. All I need from you is to either comment here or, preferably, follow me on Twitter @ericbeetner and give me your stripper name with the hashtag #schlockzone.

I'll draw five winners at random on September 1, and contact you for shipping info and you'll get a fancy new book to read on a train to the confused stares of strangers.

There are now four Schlock Zone Drive-In novellas for your trashy reading pleasure, with more on the way. Check them all out - if you dare!