Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So much stuff!

Somehow I always end up with a big dump of stuff out there all at once. At least it seems that way to me. To keep up, here's what's new and noteworthy.

Thuglit issue #4 is out now, in print and digital. Editor/mastermind Todd Robinson - he of The Hard Bounce and the upcoming Noir at the Bar L.A. on March 24 - had some great edits on my story and made it better. Of course it started, and still features, some cranky people in an old folks home scoring some heroin and how that all goes wrong. Thuglit is always high quality crime fiction and I'm proud to have my second story in there. At this rate, expect another story of mine in 2015.

Beat To A Pulp is one of the most consistent crime anthology publishers out there. Good, good stuff always, so I'm really proud to be included in Hardboiled Vol 2. Some of my favorite writers are in there so it's really worth a gander.

For some weird reason, my novel One Too Many Blows To The Head (co-written with J B Kohl) has been cheap at 4.49 for the paperback for a few weeks now. I love it. I hope it gets people to check out that book since it sort of slipped through the cracks and I'm really proud of it. I did just get a nice note on Facebook today from someone who read it and enjoyed the hell out of it. Keep those coming. I don't get much feedback, so I really love it when I do.

Speaking of feedback, I missed this hilarious slaughter of the anthology Grimm Tales. They singled out each story and only liked one. They used these choice words for my story, Coal Black, my take on Cinderella. "Didn’t bother finishing it after the first two paragraphs. Horrible and insulting to women." 
Ha! My favorite thing about this is that they failed to mention, or apparently be insulted by, the use of the N-word in the FIRST 
SENTENCE! Hey, I still like that story.

But, as if that doesn't intrigue you enough, all Untreed Reads are on sale this month! That means both Grimm Tales and Discount Noir are only .99!

More stories coming soon in both the Hotrods, Hellcats and Hoods anthology and Kwik Krimes, coming in August.