Wednesday, December 4, 2013

White Hot Pistol

I don't know why I haven't really talked about this one yet. I think I'm curious to see how the PR machine for this new venture works on its own. Probably not smart to side step my own book promotion, but I gotta keep myself entertained somehow.
Well, after spending the morning with several other Bookxy/Stark Raving Group authors I'm feeling all proud of my little book, White Hot Pistol.

This novella was super fun to write and is the first in a planned trilogy of hardboiled noir tales set in the fictional town of Noirville. Cheesy name, I know, but I couldn't help it. These are my pulp hack books, my ten cent paperbacks and my attempt to write in the muck with Wade Miller, Day Keene, Harry Whittington, Lionel White and Gil Brewer. 
The whole Bookxy thing doesn't officially go live until January, but my book is part of the "soft launch" of the site and is available for sale RIGHT DAMN NOW! Subscrptions to the Bookxy app and such are forthcoming, but if y'all just want to get a new book of mine, then have at it.
The company founder today told me I sold a book yesterday bought by someone on an airplane. It's a brave new world, isn't it? Someone oughta sell tickets. Hell, I'd buy one.

Look at the cover. Sweet, ain't it? I got my buddy Marc Sasso to illustrate it and even arranged to get his paid this time. Trust me, I owed him.
You can read about the book (and order it for all of 2.99) HERE. Sounds fun, don't it?
The other two Noirville tales will be set in the same fictional town and very, very loosely based on some of the same characters. Mostly, the town is a backdrop for some nasty noir stories of sad luck losers having a worse day than you.

As for the other stuff keeping me from updating this site – well, I finished a new novel and I'm liking it so far during my revisions. Will anyone want to buy it? Doubtful, but that's just me being all negative. Not like I have six unsold manuscripts on my hard drive. What's that? I do? OH, right.

But do I stop? Hell no. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

So instead, I run headlong into more short stories including my attempt at being funny in the new humor anthology JUNK.
I'm also working on a few co-writing projects I'm not at liberty to discuss quite yet. Exciting stuff though. Another novel with my partner in crime J.B. Kohl that is going slowly in the typing but blazes on the page. A collaboration with one of my favorite writers ever that I still can't believe. A few other things I'm excited about.
More shorts on the way. 

Oh, yeah, David from Beat To A Pulp and I are cooking up a weird release for you in 2014. By the end of 2014 you'll have another of my novels, but it will take all year to get it in bits and pieces. I've already said too much. But more soon...

So, see? Just because I'm not writing on this blog doesn't mean I'm not up typing almost every damn night. Sheesh.

I'll be posting the first chapter of White Hot Pistol very soon. It'll hook you, I promise.

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